Our gorgeous hiking trails wind through 126 acres of dense woodlands... take you on quaint bridges over tricking streams... lift you over marshes with the help of unique boardwalks... and meander around peaceful ponds an​d brilliantly colored prairies.  This once former dump site has been restored to it's natural beauty, and is home to an incredibly diverse wildlife population.  With benches, outdoor classrooms, campsite, and quiet meditation spots sprinkled along the trails, this is the PERFECT place to come connect with nature and get away from it all!

Nature Education & Exploration

Wildlife Preserve & Outdoor Education Center

Our adventuresome field trips, hikes, and group conservation field studies are designed for children of all ages... even the adult kind!  Be sure to register your group now, as our spaces fill quickly!

Hiking... Camping... Birding... Oh my!

  • I will be aware of my surroundings.
  • I will hear, smell, look, and enjoy.
  • I will not take, break, or steal.
  • I will not smoke or litter.
  • I will respect nature.
  • I will have a blast,

          promote nature, ​

          and do my part to          

          protect our environment!